Hi! I'm Emily.

I help entrepreneurs repurpose their content with sustainable strategies across all channels...

Utilizing copy and design that speaks authentically to their brand’s soul.

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To be the most efficient in your online business endeavors, best practices are key. But, it’s easy to forget to dot your i’s and cross your t’s when you’re in the mix of it all. I get it. That’s why I created this workshop to give you the tools you need to never again wonder where that FB banner for that new launch series is, or where the heck you put last season’s email campaign copy that had 17 versions to it (but you’re pretty sure it was version 5a that most likely, probably, you think, is the one you were looking for…)

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Whether you're looking for just plain copy and design support for your social media or blogging platforms, or you're looking for an entire backend digital organizational setup, I can help you get there in less time with content repurposing.


If you’re looking to outsource the copywriting, proofing and design for your digital presence (think websites, blogs, social media accounts or presentation decks), you’re in the right place! Get started with 5, 10 or 15 hours a month. 


If you need a little more than just the copy or design (think managing scheduling tools, engagement and analytics), no problem! Let’s talk flat monthly rates to cover it all. 


Let’s talk complete digital organizational backend strategy setup and automation (what a mouthful, amiright?), OR a total overhaul of your current systems that aren’t working. I’ll set you up with your project management tool of choice, and make sure all your platforms communicate seamlessly with one another.  

I’m a self-proclaimed do-it-myselfer but I knew I was holding my business back by doing it all alone. When I hired Emily, it was with hopes of being able to take a few things off my plate… and she’s done that and so much more! Not only is she on top of her tasks, but she’s an amazing communicator and able to see the big picture—flagging any potential future issues before they come up. I was worried about bringing on a more regular team member, especially since it was one of my biggest investments in my business, but I really shouldn’t have. Emily is a quick learner, hard worker, and she’s a great team member. Just hire her already. 🙂 

- Nicole Boucher, Online Business Strategist

I never liked shopping thrift stores.​

Not because there is anything wrong with them or because I shop fancy designer brands instead, but because I geek out over finding things I ALREADY HAVE and using them in new and unexpected ways. 

That’s kind of how I view your content. What you’ve got is unapologetically you, and there are SO many ways to use that! That’s why I work with small business owners, figuring out creative ways to highlight their authentic voices for their audiences. 

But who am I, really?

Sometimes, I share things.

I've been working remotely for 2.5 years. Read on for my tips, tricks, experiences and musings!

Location Discrimination, Say What?

Back in my promotional marketing days, when a new program launched, it was always smooth sailing for about a year. You could get away with almost anything because there were really no rules in place. The company had an idea and would run with it, rolling it out before getting too technical…

The Art of the Question

So, I’d like to toot my own horn here 🔔… I’ve noticed lately that when I interact with anyone who I might be requesting information from, I’ve been repeatedly thanked for my “thoughtful questions.” Now, this might not seem earth shattering or anything, so let me back up a minute…

Got The 🗝 To The City, But The Latch Is On…?

Method and Red (Men, respectively) may have been a bit, ahem, intoxicated when they spat those ☝️ill rhymes, BUT, no truer words have stayed in my brain’s back pocket since 2001.

This is a perfect example of the way communication, or often times the lack thereof, works…

A Gossiping Boss & What That Means For You

Ah, the coveted position where you are your bosses confidante. Finally, after months (or years?) of feeling on the outside, suddenly your boss has confided their thoughts about another employee to you. You think, “Does this mean, ‘I’m in?’”…

Managing Budgets & Expectations

This post was inspired by a recent client relationship and I thought it was a very important learning opportunity to share. Notice how I said opportunity? That’s a really significant distinction to make than just saying “a lesson.” A lesson is something you learn…

So, You've Decided To Work From Home...

Transitioning from working a “regular” job to working from home (or wherever strikes your fancy), is a big step. HUGE.

You’ve thought about all of the awesome perks of the gig, and perhaps the challenges, right? You’ve bought all of the appropriate attire, read the books, er, blogs and that location independent…

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